Climate Change and You

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the daily activities of individual Manitobans account for 40% of the total provincial GHG footprint. Each of us create GHG emissions and we can each make an important contribution to meeting the province's overall GHG emission reduction targets.

This section of is for Manitoba families and residents wishing to better understand their options for addressing climate change. It includes resources, information, calculators and guidance for measuring and reducing your carbon footprint.

Calculate your Emissions ››

The first step is finding out your personal GHG emissions or carbon footprint. The personal calculators help you to measure emissions associated with your activities and lifestyle decisions.

Reduce Your Emissions ››

The second step is to find ways to reduce your emissions. Once you understand your carbon footprint you use to search for tips on reducing your emissions and even find incentives programs offering financial assistance for climate-friendly actions. You can also read about and share solutions in the Discussion Forum.

Offset Your Emissions ››

Some emissions are very difficult to avoid. As a third and final step you may wish to use the Offset Your Emissions section of to find offsets for your emissions. Offsets are emissions reductions achieved by others for the purpose of cancelling or “offsetting” unavoidable emissions. Learn about and find Offsets here.