Reduce Your Emissions

In order for Manitoba to reach the provincial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction target, the Manitoban government is calling on all Manitoban's to do our share. This section of includes tips on actions individuals and families can take to reduce GHG emissions as well as a database of incentive programs supporting climate friendly decisions.

Use this section of the website to find out what GHG emissions reduction actions and incentive programs are right for you. In order to take effective actions, it is suggested that you first use the Measure Your Emissions section of the website to quantify your GHG emissions. Once you understand your personal GHG emissions or carbon footprint you can better target the types of actions that will lead to the greatest improvements.

Manitoba’s Top Ten Actions

As a first step, the Manitoba government has assembled a Top Ten list of actions to reduce GHG emissions. You can download the document here.

Incentive Programs

There are many types of programs that provide incentives for making green choices. Go to this section for a listing of incentive programs available to Manitobans for making choices that reduce GHG emissions. Incentive programs are available from the Manitoba government as well as other levels of government and independent non-government sources. The programs listed here are delivered by these various groups and are not necessarily affiliated with or endorsed by the Manitoba government.

Actions Database

The Actions Database is a collection of recommended actions to reduce your carbon footprint. You can select the categories of interest or search keywords to find the ideas that will work for you.