Project Toolbox

Tools for Large Projects

This section of has the tools required to plan, implement and report on large GHG emissions reduction projects. Project proponents can use these tools to ensure that their project results in GHG emissions reductions that are consistent with government programs and accepted by stakeholders. This way projects can lead to the creation of verified emissions reductions (VERs) with a potential value on carbon markets.

Use the tabs to access information and tools for developing a project and accessing the standards and quantification protocols you will need. A good place to start is by searching the Incentive Programs that offer financial assistance for certain types of projects. The GHG Measurement Standards outline the process for implementing a GHG emissions reduction project and the GHG Quantification Protocols provide the rigorous guidelines for specific types of projects. Finally, learn how to register your project and gain credit for the work you have done.

Adapted from the CSA CleanStart™ Registry