Measure Your Emissions

Personal Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculators includes several different calculators for measuring the GHG emissions from specific common activities. You may wish to complete only one or two calculators related to the activities you're especially curious about. However, if you complete all of the calculators provided, you will be able to approximate your complete personal GHG emissions or carbon footprint. You can begin with any calculator and stop at any time.

Once you measure your carbon footprint you can proceed on to the Reduce Your Emissions page to find out how to bring your carbon footprint down, or Offset Your Emissions by purchasing offsets from projects reducing GHG emissions across Manitoba.

Register and Track Your Progress

The calculators may be used to get a one-time snapshot of the emissions associated with discrete actions. However, by registering with you will also be able to save your personal carbon footprint and track your progress over time. Registered users can commit to reducing their emissions and monitor the results as they help fight climate change.