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Managing your carbon footprint

By addressing climate change earlier rather than later, businesses can maximize opportunities and minimize risks. As part of an overall business strategy, climate change action represents intelligent entrepreneurship, responsible risk management and good corporate citizenship. Such initiatives will only sustain themselves and grow within a company when they deliver specific, measurable business benefits, particularly with regard to a company’s core business functions.

Economics has emerged as the key driver for companies that are taking action on climate change. The bottom line is where businesses start and end! Use this section of to learn about the climate change options for business.

To understand how the bottom line will be affected by climate change, please download:

The Bottom Line on Climate Change: A Manitoba Business Guide ››

Business leaders at the 2000 World Economic Forum voted global climate change as the most pressing issue facing the world’s business community.

Bottom Line on Climate Change: A Manitoba Business Guide. Climate Change Connections.

Manitoba businesses can make and save money by implementing climate friendly practices and work towards green economic development. For ideas download:

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